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Deleting uploaded data

User Permissions note

Only Group Admins can update a group's services.

There is no automatic way to delete your uploaded data in Local Insight. If you wish to delete your custom data you will need to check that the dataset in question is not in any live theme, if the dataset is then you will have to remove it from the live theme into the unassigned folder. This article will explain how to do this. 

  • Navigate to the Manage your data page by clicking Group Admin > Manage your data. 


  • Locate the dataset you want to delete and click Manage Dataset in order to open the dataset.


  • Before deleting a dataset you will have to check whether a dataset is in a theme. If a dataset is in a theme it will have to be moved to the unassigned theme in order to be permanently deleted. 
  • Once that action has been completed, you can click on the orange icon in order to delete the dataset. 



Deleting a custom dataset is a permanent action which cannot be undone. So be sure you no longer need the dataset before you click delete.