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Download all the Local Insight data at LSOA and MSOA level

The All Data Download allows you to download all data (more than 1000 datasets) in Local Insight for:

  • Every Lower layer Super Output Area (LSOA)
  • Every Middle layer Super Output Area (MSOA)


The data is downloadable in CSV format. Both files (LSOA and MSOA) are updated on a quarterly basis, so that you always have the latest data at your fingertips. All users will receive an email notification every time the files are updated.

Access the downloads 

  • Both CSV files can be found on the Reports tab (see image below)



The All Data Download feature is only accessible on the logged in Local Insight site. Users of the public access sites will not be able to download all data

How to find the LSOAs you care about:

  • In the LSOA file, Column D contains the Local Authority name. Filter this column to see only the LSOAs for the Local Authorities you are interested in. This will also make the file more manageable.

MSOA meaningful names: