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Open Data Resource

The OCSI Research Team have created a resource that signposts interesting open data published at Local Authority (LA) level. This data is not in Local Insight by default, but you can upload LA level data to Local Insight using the manage your data tool

View the Open Data Resource 

This is a growing resource and if you have any suggestions you can let us know. 

How to use the Open Data Resource:

Column A: This has the dataset name

Column B: This has the topic, you can filter this column to only show data for topics that you are interested in such as 'education'.

Column C: This contains a description for the indicator.

Column D: This is the level the data is published at, the majority are published at Local Authority level; there are some datasets in there published at Region or NHS region level.

Column E: This lists the source of the data; you can filter this column to only show data from sources you are interested in such as 'NHS Digital'.

Column F: This contains a URL that will take you to the raw data on the original publishers' website.


Why does Local Insight not contain Local Authority data as standard?

All the datasets in Local Insight are published at small area level (postcode, OA, LSOA or MSOA). By default, there are no datasets within the tool published at Local Authority (LA) level. The reason for this is because in Local Insight you can create custom areas that cover very small geographic areas. Apportioning LA level data to these very small areas would not be an accurate representation of the data for that area. When you use the manage your data tool to upload LA level data, Local Insight will apply certain limitations. For example, you will not be able to zoom into on the map to see the data at MSOA or LSOA level. 

However, Local Insight will apportion the data for your custom areas. We would advise that you do not use the figures from LA level data for your custom areas as it has been significantly apportioned.


Why upload LA level data?

Certain datasets are only available at LA level so, whilst you won't be able to see the data for your neighbourhood areas, this data could compliment the neighbourhood level data in Local Insight. If you work at Local Authority or regional level, you may want to see data at this level in Local Insight.