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Why is the Request Report button not showing for my custom area

User Permissions note:

  • Only Group Admin and Power Users can create reports for custom areas.
  • Once you have created a custom area, you can request a report for that area on the Manage Custom Areas page.

Request Report button not showing:

  • There are two reasons why the Request Report button may not be showing: 

  1. The area is still in the process of creating.
  2. The area has failed to create.

Report Unavailable:

  • Immediately after creating a custom area, the Request Report button will read as Report Unavailable and will be disabled until the area has been successfully created (this should take a couple of minutes).

  • Once the area has been verified as a valid area, you will be able to click Request Report as usual.

Area Failed:

  • When you create a custom area by drawing on the map, you can draw any area of any size. However, in order to be able to calculate data for that area, it must be large enough to produce data. If your area is too small, the Request Report button will read Area failed. You will not be able to generate a report for that area.