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Data Updates Process in Local Insight

Data in Local Insight

Local Insight contains over 1000 socio-economic indicators published by a variety of sources. Browse the full list of indicators in Local Insight.

Monthly updates process:

Every month, Local Insight is updated with newly published data. The number of indicators updated depends on which sources have published data that month.

For example, the Department of Work and Pensions publishes data sets such as Unemployment benefit (JSA and Universal credit) on a monthly basis. Therefore, every month Local Insight is updated with this data and so the map is always showing the most recent time point. Other sources publish data less frequently, but when data is published, Local Insight will be updated to show the latest time point.

  • Every month all Local Insight users will receive a mailout that details the recent data updates
  • An archive of recent data updates can also be found on the News page.

Please note: 

To see what time period the data covers for a data set you can always view the metadata.


Adding new data to Local Insight

We are always looking to add new indicators into Local Insight. Please send suggestions to support@ocsi.co.uk. There are three conditions that an indicator must meet for it to be eligible for Local Insight:

  1. It must be openly published (not privately purchased)
  2. It must be published at small area level (MSOA, LSOA, OA or postcode). Local Insight does not contain data published at Local Authority level as it would not be suitable to apportion to custom areas
  1. The data must have national coverage (England)

If you are aware of any indicators that tick all these boxes then please email support@ocsi.co.uk with a link to the suggested indicator.

Uploading Local Authority level data

Local Insight is designed to present data that is published at small area level. As standard, it does not contain data published at Local Authority level. The exclusion of LA level data is because custom areas created in the tool are primarily built up from small area level. Apportioning data from LA level down to these more granular geographies would be misleading.

Upload Local Authority level data yourself

If there is a particular indicator which is only published at Local Authority level and it would be valuable for you to visualise this data on Local Insight, there is the option for you to upload that data yourself using the upload your data tool.

Common Questions

Why is the education data in Local Insight out of date?

Previously, The Department for Education (DfE) published the pupil attainment data at small area level and that data is therefore in Local Insight by default under the Education theme. However, the DfE no longer publishes GCSE attainment data at MSOA, LSOA or postcode level. The data is only published openly at Local Authority Level and so it has not been updated in Local Insight.