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Create a custom area by uploading postcodes

User Permissions note:

  • Only Group Admin and Power Users can create custom areas
  • Navigate to the custom areas page by clicking Group Admin > Manage Custom Areas

  1. Click Add Custom Area  
  2. Name your custom area (this must be unique, you cannot have multiple areas with the same name)
  3. The description is optional but it is a useful way to explain to others within your organisation how and why the area was created
  4. If your group has categories set up, you can assign this new area to one of the categories available
  5. Select Upload a list of postcodes via CSV, or paste them in directly for the area type
  6. Select either Upload CSV file or paste in list of postcodes
  7. Upload your postcodes
  8. Click Save custom area


When your custom area has been created you will be able to:

Common questions

How is data calculated for areas based on postcodes?

All indicators in Local Insight are based upon statistical geographies; Output Area (OA), Lower layer Super Output Area (LSOA) and Middle layer Super Output Area (MSOA). In order to calculate data for custom areas based on postcodes, Local Insight identifies all the OAs covered by the uploaded postcodes and then sums the data for the combined OAs. Please note that weighting is not applied if multiple postcodes are uploaded which reside within the same OA. Each OA covered by the uploaded postcodes will have equal weighting when data is calculated.