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Create a report for a custom area

User Permissions note:

  • Only Group Admin and Power Users can request reports
  • Once a custom area has been created, you can generate a report at any time for that area.
  • Immediately after creating a custom area, the Request Report button will read as Report Unavailable and you will be unable to click it until the area has been successfully created (this should take a couple of minutes).

Request a report:

Navigate to the Custom Areas page

  • Click Group Admin > Manage Custom Areas
  • Click Request Report next to the area you would like a report for

It will take roughly 10 - 15 minutes to generate the report. Once ready, reports can be found under the Reports tab. They can also be found on the Reports icon on the left hand side of the maps page.

Common Questions:

In the report there are two comparator areas in some of the graphs and charts, can I select these comparator areas?

The comparators areas in the reports are set at a group level and can be changed by Group Admin user. Read more about setting comparator areas

Do reports automatically update or will I need to re-request a report when I want to see the latest data?

  • The reports in Local Insight are static and do not automatically update. If you want to see a report with the latest data, you can request a new report for that area following the same process. It will not overwrite or remove the old report. Both reports will be dated and visible in the Reports tab.

The area I want to create a report for is stuck on pending

  • Reports in Local Insight can take up to 30 minutes to generate, if you have requested lots of reports this time will increase. However, if you have requested a report and it is still showing as pending for more than 2 hours then reach out to us on support@ocsi.co.uk and we will investigate.