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Area failed

When you create a custom area by drawing on the map, Local Insight allows you to draw any size area. However, in order to be able to calculate data for that area, it must be large enough to produce data.

How small can a custom area be?

The area must cover at least 50% of the residential postcodes in at least one Output Area to work on Local Insight. On average an Output Area has an average population of about 310 residents. Read more about how Local Insight calculates data for custom areas created by drawing on the map.


If you are not familiar with Output Areas or statistical geographies then take a look at this beginner's guide to statistical geographies.

See below an example output area in Teeside.

Area failed

Immediately after creating a custom area, the Request Report button will read as Report Unavailable and be disabled until the area has been successfully created (this should take a couple of minutes).

However, after that process is complete, if the area you have created is too small, the Request Report button will read Area failed. You will not be able to generate a report for that area.

How to fix the failed area?

If you have created a custom area which is showing as Area failed, then you can edit that custom area and make it larger.