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Categorise custom areas

User permissions note

Only Group Admins can create categories

On the Manage Custom Areas page you can view all the custom areas created on your group.

You can organise your custom areas into categories. Creating categories makes it easier to locate and filter areas when viewing them on the dashboard and the data for more areas popup.

Create a new category

  • Click Add Category (see 1 in image below)
  • Give the category a name (see 2 in image below). Categories will display in alphabetical order by default)
  • Drag and drop custom areas into the relevant category heading using the drag arrow next to the custom area name (see 3 in image below)

Delete or edit a category

  • Use the Delete button to delete any unwanted categories
  • Use the Edit button to edit the name of the category


You cannot delete categories which contain custom areas. In order to delete categories which contain custom areas you must first delete or move the custom areas contained within it.

Common questions

Can I delete the uncategorised category?

The uncategorised category cannot be deleted.

Can I rearrange categories to appear in a different order?

The categories will display in alphabetical order across Local Insight. To create a custom order you can name the categories using a numbering system such as 1) Local Authorities, 2) Wards, 3) GP catchment areas.