Local Insight Help Centre


View more information about custom areas

To view more information about a custom area, navigate to the map page, click on the Areas button and click the i icon next to the area name.

This will open up a popup window with:

  • Service Count: This shows how many, if any, services are within that area and provides you with an option to download that list of services
  • Description: A description for that area, if one has been provided by the area creator
  • Definition: In Local Insight you can create areas in a number of ways. This line tells you the method of creation
  • Creation Date: When it was created
  • Creator: Who within your organisation has created that area
  • Constituent regions: This details the component standard areas that make up your area. They will be OA, LSOA, MSOA or LA codes.

Additional row for areas created by postcodes:

If the area was created by uploading postcodes there will be an additional "Uploaded Postcodes " row. This will have a link that you can click on to download the list of postcodes used to create the area originally.