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Add a group boundary line to the maps page

A group boundary is optional and can be requested by any Group Admin user by emailing support@ocsi.co.uk. The group boundary, when activated, will show by default on the map and is an outline around a standard area.

To set up the group boundary email support@ocsi.co.uk with the following information:

  • The area(s) you would like. This can be a Local Authority, a number of Local Authorities, a collection of MSOAs or a collection of LSOAs
  • The Hex colour value you would like (if no colour is specified, the default is red)

Once you let us know which area/colour you would like for the boundary, this will then be added to your group. This boundary line will display and continue to display on your map page as you interact with data, other custom areas or your services.


This change will affect all users across your organisation. If you have a public access site, this boundary will be visible to those public users.

Toggle this boundary on and off

Individual users can toggle this boundary line on and off when they are using Local Insight. Click Settings and then click Hide the boundary. The toggling on and off of the boundary will not affect other users on the site