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View metadata for an indicator on the map

When viewing an indicator on the map, you can view the metadata for more information. Metadata provides contextual information including a description of the data, the time period the data covers, how often that data is updated and the source of the data.

To see this information:

  • Select to show an indicator on the map
  • Click the Info button in the top right hand corner  
  • Click About the indicator

The Info box shows:

  • The data type (rate or percentage)
  • What each colour quintile represents
  • The geographic level at which the data is being displayed (LSOA, MSOA or LA)  

The About the indicator popup shows the full metadata.


Common questions

How are the five colour ranges defined?

The colours on the map are determined by grouping all areas across England (whether you are displaying data at LA, MSOA or LSOA level) into 20% bands. So, the top 20% of areas on an indicator are shaded dark red, the next 20% shaded light red, and so on  (assuming you are using the default red to green colour scale).

Can users define or customise the five colour ranges?

The methodology behind how the map ranges are calculated is static and based on grouping areas in 20% bands. You can change data mapped to show hotspots. In this case the colours on the map will be based on the top 20% of areas across England only. The 5 colour bands are based on the top 1%, 1-5%, 5-10%, 10-15% and 15-20%. Other areas will be unshaded.