Local Insight Help Centre


View data on the map

Use the Data button to select datasets to show on the map.

Select a dataset

Click on the Data button to open the menu and browse through the themes to see what datasets are available. Click on the name of a dataset to view it on the map.

Note Not all datasets within Local Insight are shown within the Data menu by default. There are over 1000 datasets in Local Insight and Group Admin user(s) select which ones are shown.


 Once you have chosen a dataset to view, Local Insight will load a choropleth map based on the data values. This will highlight how different areas compare on this indicator. As you zoom in and out on the maps, the geographic level at which you are viewing the data will change. You can view the data at LA, MSOA and LSOA level.

The Info button

To find out more about a dataset you are viewing on the map, click on the Info button in the top right hand side of the map. This will bring up the legend, detailing what the colours on the map represent for that particular indicator and at what level you are viewing the data at.

View the metadata

To find out more about the dataset you are viewing click About the Indicator.

This opens the metadata (contextual information), see below example:

See data values for your custom areas

Click Data for your Areas to see the data for your custom areas.

This will provide the data values for  the selected indicator for your custom areas.

You will be able to see data for:

  • England: Use this to compare your areas against the national average
  • All  custom areas on your group

Download this data table by clicking Download this dataset in CSV format  


In this data table, there are two columns. Where possible, we will provide the ‘count’ data in the second column. In this example, the first column shows the rate data (in the above example rate per 1,000 population. In the second column you can see the count data (in the above example the total count of anti-social behaviour incidents in that area).

Common questions

Why can’t I find a newly added dataset?

There are over 1000 datasets in Local Insight, not all are shown by default within the Data button. The Group Admin user(s) of your group selects which indicators show.


How can I see data for regions or other geographies in the Data for more areas popup?

The areas shown in the Data for more areas popup have been created using the Manage Custom Areas feature. You can create as many areas as you like using this feature including regions, wards or bespoke geographies. Once they have been created they will show in the Data for more areas popup.


Can I overlay more than one indicator on the map at once?

You cannot show multiple indicators on the map at the same time. To compare how your areas fare on a number of indicators the Dashboard is the most useful tool.


Why can’t I see further age/ ethnicity breakdown data?

Some of the indicators such as, population datasets have child indicators (more granular age/ethnicity categories). To see those indicators click on the parent indicator, this will open up the more granular child indicators.