Search for indicators to view on the map

The Data button contains a select number of indicators that can be displayed on the map. The indicators are organised under theme headings. Use the search bar to quickly locate indicators by typing in relevant words.

How to use the search bar:

  1. Click on the Data button to open the menu of themes and their indicators

  2. The search bar is at the top. Type in any text and the indicators that contain that string of text will be displayed under their theme heading

  3.  Click on an indicator name to view it on the map

  4. To show the full menu of indicators again, delete the text in the search bar

Please note: Not all indicators within Local Insight are shown within the Data menu by default. There are over 1000 datasets in Local Insight and the Group Admin user(s) select which ones are shown within the Data button. If a user searches for an indicator that is available in Local Insight but not assigned to a theme then nothing will come up in the search.

 Group Admin user(s) can select which indicators are shown in the data button using the manage indicators function.

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