Export the data for a single indicator for all your custom areas

This article explains how to download the data for a single indicator for all your custom areas. 

  • Firstly, use the Data button to select the indicator you would like to view on the map 
  • Once you have chosen an indicator to view, the choropleth map will load
  • Click on the Info button in the top right-hand corner of the page 
  • Click on Data for your areas (the blue button in the popup)
  • This will open a popup that lists the data for all your custom areas (as well as England)
  • In the first column, you will see the percentage, rate or count figures 
  • In the second column, you will see total counts figures (where applicable) 
  • To export this data, click Download this dataset in CSV format (the blue button at the top of the table)


The export contains:

  • The metadata (description and date) in rows 3-5
  • The custom area names in column A
  • The custom area category in column B
  • The data in column C
Tip: Use column B to filter your custom areas by catagory
Please note: currently the total counts figures in the second column are not included in the export. We are working on adding this to the export and will be coming soon 
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