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How to format your CSV with your Service data

User Permissions note

Only Group Admin users can upload service data

To upload your service data to Local Insight you must upload a CSV file (not an Excel) where the first row contains the headers.

There are two columns which are required for all uploads:

  • Column A must contain postcodes and the first cell must have the header Postcode
  • Column B contains the services types (of which you cannot have more than 30) and the first cell must have the header “Service type” even if you are not assigning any service types

Adding and formatting data:

If you want to add metadata to your services then you can use Columns C,D,E,F and G to input that information

  • The first cell of each new column will act as a label where you can describe the information you will be adding
  • Each line can include information for any, all, or none of these fields
  • For each line, you can then add unique information relating to that service. This is a free text field with a maximum of 250 characters

The image below shows how this data would display