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Adding metadata to your Services

User Permissions note:

Only Group Admin users can upload service data

You can add extra information to your individual service postcodes. For example, if you were mapping all the local schools, you could add the name of each of the schools. Or if you were uploading a number of grant applications you could add the amount of money applied for by each organisation

Adding metadata is optional and completely customisable.

  • To add metadata to your service data you can input data in the 5 columns to the right of the postcode and service type columns.
  • Within these 5 extra columns, the first row will act as a header where you can label the data you will be adding such as “name” or “amount requested”. This is a free text field with a maximum of 250 characters.
  • Each service can include information for any, all or none of these fields
  • For each line, you can then add unique information relating to that service. This is a free text field with a maximum of 250 characters


The image below (figure A) shows a sample of the Barrow Cadbury Trust grant data exported from the GrantNav tool and reformatted so that it can be uploaded as services to Local Insight.


Figure A

Once uploaded, that data displays on the Local Insight map when you click on the individual service icon.