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Checklist of frequently experienced service data formatting issues

If you are experiencing difficulties when uploading your services, please check the below list of common issues.

You must upload a CSV file and not an Excel file.

The first two column headers are required otherwise the upload will fail.

  • Column A must contain postcodes and the first cell must have the header Postcode. Column B contains the services types (of which you cannot have more than 30) and the first cell must have the header “Service type” even if you are not assigning any service types

Typos and case sensitivity in your service types will create additional service types.

  •  For example, if you have some service types labelled "School" and others "school" then Local Insight will create two different service types, this could also cause the upload to fail if it then exceeds more than 30 service types.

Unrecognised postcodes.