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FAQs about Services in Local Insight

Is there a maximum number of service types I can use?

  • Currently, you can load in up to thirty different types.

I only have three service types I wish to use.

  • That’s not a problem. Thirty is the maximum, however, any number up to that is fine.

What if I don’t assign some of my services with service types?

  • Any service that you do not assign with service types will be assigned to the default service type “Unclassified”.

Do unassigned services count as one of my thirty service types?

  • Yes. Any service you do not assign will automatically be assigned to the default service type “Unclassified”, which will count as one of your thirty service types.

Can I assign more than one service type to a service?

  • No, each service must only be assigned to one service type. However, you can add metadata to each service, this allows you to add more information to your services

I don’t have any service types

  • That’s not a problem. All of your services will automatically be assigned to the default service type “Unclassified”.

I’ve already been using Local Insight and have various custom areas set-up. How will they be affected?

  • Custom areas are not affected by service types. This means that you also do not need to include service types in custom area uploads.

How will I distinguish between different service types on the map?

  • Each service type is represented by a different colour/shape icon. You can view these on the Local Insight map.

Will service types affect my reports?

  • No, reports are not affected by the service types.

Will any of the data be affected by the service types?

  • No, the aggregated data is not affected by service types.