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Selecting your Service type icons

User Permissions note:

Only Group Admin users can access the Manage Services tab

You can edit the icons used for the service types and whether they display on the map by default within the Service Types page.

Navigate to the Service Types tab by clicking Group Admin > Manage Services and then clicking Service Types (see 1 in figure A)

You can:

  • Choose the shape and colour of your service icons (see 2 in figure A)
  • Edit the name of your service types (see 3 in figure A)
  • Select which service types to show on the map by default (see 4 in figure A). Those shown by default will automatically display when any user views the Map page. If deselected they will not automatically show but can be selected by users on an individual basis under the Services button.
  • Delete a service type (see 5 in figure A). All those services that were categorised under the deleted service type will be moved to the Unassigned type and will still display on the map.

Figure A

To edit the postcodes, names of service types and the individual metadata you will need to download the details of your current services, edit the information within the CSV and then re-upload the file. For more on this, please see: Upload your services article.