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Editing areas created using the Shapefile Importer


  • Any custom area created using the shapefile importer will not be editable - see below for editing options. They will appear in the same way as areas created by the draw an area on the map appear.
  • In order to edit the shapefile itself, you will need to do so in your GIS platform or liaise with your GIS team to create a new shapefile, before importing to Local Insight.
  • If you have already created a custom area by importing a shapefile and wish to edit this area, you can take the following steps:
  1. Identify the custom area you wish to edit
  2. Delete this custom area in Local Insight
  3. In your GIS platform, edit this area as you wish
  4. Reimport your shapefile
  5. This will reject other duplicate areas and only import your identified custom area with the changes you made in your GIS platform

Please get in touch at support@ocsi.co.uk to discuss this further.