Viewing data for individual LSOA areas

When viewing datasets on the map you can see the data displayed at three different levels; Local Authority level, MSOA level and LSOA level. Scroll in and out to view the data at the three different levels. 

To see which level you are viewing the data at, click on the Info button in the top right hand corner on the page.

View the data for individual LSOA areas

When viewing data at LSOA level, you can hover over individual LSOAs to see the data for that area. The LSOA area code will also be shown. Have a look at the image below for further instructions on how to do this. 

Please Note: If you click on the LSOA area, you will be able to see the code for this LSOA in the top right corner, but not the value for the dataset you are looking for. In order to see the value for the dataset you must hover over that area.  

Click on the image to make it larger 

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