Editing your service types

You can edit your service types in a number of ways. 


Click Admin>Manage Services> Service types (see A in above image)

Please note: The maximum number of service types you can have is 30. Any services that you do not assign with service types will be assigned to the default service type “Unclassified”, this will count as 1 of your service types. 

Elements you can edit: 

  • Edit the name of your service types and add a description. (see B in above image)
  • All service types will appear on the map as default, to hide particular service types, untick the box (see C in above image)
  • Delete service types using the delete button (see D in above image). The services which were contained within that deleted service type will be moved into the unclassified type
  • Change which order the service types appear on the drop-down list on the map by dragging and dropping them (see E in above image)
  • Choose the shape and colour of the icon (see F in above image)

Changing icons:

  • There are five different icons in eight different colours
  • You could use this to group together service types of a similar theme under one icon shape.
  • Then use the different colours to differentiate in more detail between your service types
  • For example, all health related services could be assigned a circular icon then GP, Pharmacy and Well-being centers all assigned different colours


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