Uploading your services: uploading a CSV

To load your service data into Local Insight you can either copy and paste a list of postcodes or you can upload a CSV file. 

This article will run through how to upload your service data by uploading a CSV file. 

Please note: You must ensure that your CSV is formatted correctly, for guidance on how to format your upload check out this article:


Click Admin > Manage Services


If you are simply uploading the location of your services - without using the service types feature:

  • You can upload simply one column of data with postcodes
  • This will work with or without headers


You can also assign a UPRN to each of your postcodes.

  • The UPRN is a Unique Property Reference Number
  • Each row of data must have a different UPRN, even if they are the same postcode. The UPRN must be unique for each row of data 
  • If your organisation does not use UPRNS, upload the postcodes and Local Insight will assign each of your services a UPRN
  • When you download a list of all your services, you will see these in the first column. Check out this article for guidance on downloading a list of all your services:
  • Editing Your List Of Services


If you are uploading the location of services and want to assign service types:

  • The CSV file must contain 3 columns, UPRN, Postcode & Service Type (in that order)
  • You can also download a template CSV file which will show how the file must be formatted

See below for how your upload should look:

Once this has uploaded you will receive the below message and you can then view your services on the maps.

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