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Add Users

User Permissions note:

Only Group Admin users have the ability to add new users


To add a new user onto your Local Insight group:

  1. Navigate to the Group Admin tab
  2. Click Manage Users
  3. On that page, click Add a new user


This will load the New User form where you can fill in the required information:


  • First name, Surname and Email address is required
  • Telephone is optional 
  • Beneath the user form are four checkboxes
  • The first box, Send user login details, is selected by default. This will send the new user an account registration email where they can set a password and log in to Local Insight. If you do not want them to receive login details immediately then you can unselect this box 
  • The other three checkboxes, View Reports, Power User and Group Administrator, allow you to define what access permissions this user will have. Please note, if you are setting someone to be Group Admin, the other permission boxes also need to be selected
  • Click Register to create the user


Please note:

If you cannot find the registration email check your junk folder 


Read more about the different User Permissions On Local Insight.