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Unmatched postcodes when uploading services

You have successfully uploaded all your services but you have received a message saying: 


This could be because:

  • There was a typo in the import (please also use standard UTF-8 encoded characters)
  • The postcodes are new developments 

We do our best to keep our postcode database up to date with the latest location and output area data. We are pleased to say we are close to matching and mapping 100% of all postcodes that run through our system.

However, there are still a few strays, which we are unable to match, and this is usually down to them being ‘new developments’.

To determine whether the postcode you are uploading is a new development, try searching for it in Google and see whether it appears in the search.

We update our database regularly and as soon as the data is available to us for new postcodes, it will be available to you.

If you do have any unmatched postcodes let us know at: support@ocsi.co.uk