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Step 3b: Upload data using the copy and paste tool

  • Import you data directly from your spreadsheet by using the Copy and paste directly button: 


  • Highlight all the relevant data rows and simply copy and paste:


To tidy up your columns:

  • Firstly, you must specify which row, if any, contains the headers for your data and which row contains your first row of data. If you do not have headers then choose 0 for the header and then 1 for the first row of data
  • Next, tidy up your columns. You can only upload two columns of data: One column containing the standard area data (postcodes, LSOA codes, LA codes, etc.) and the other column containing a piece of numeric data. If you have other irrelevant columns, you can select to ignore them.
  • Once this is complete, click Next Step



Once happy with the data select: 2022-04-21_13-16-33.png  


  • The data may take a little while to upload.On average Local Insight takes 4 minutes per 8000 rows.
  • Once imported, you will be redirected back to the Manage Data page. To view your custom dataset on the map check out this article:
  • Add a custom dataset to the maps and dashboard