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Types of data you can upload

Using the upload your data feature, you can upload any form of numeric data you have at Postcode, OA,  LSOA, MSOA or LA level, then overlay that data onto the map. You will need a numeric dataset linked to a set of one of the above standard area codes.

For a walkthrough of this feature, watch our Upload your data tutorial.

Please note: you may use the following 2001 or 2011 code formats


Example datasets

The following screenshots are from a spreadsheet containing rent prices and data on those who cycle to work.

This example is at postcode level, in the private renting sector, per annum.  


Another example is at LSOA level, for the number of people that cycled to work, in 2016


Other examples of datasets users have previously uploaded include:

  • Health Surveys covering issues such as alcohol use, smoking habits and healthy weight data
  • Data on local crime such as, number of violent crimes committed per year
  • Survey data related to the use of council services


Non-numeric data

The data uploaded into the system must be a numeric dataset linked to a standard area code. If your data is not in numeric form, then send us an email at support@ocsi.co.uk and we can help you transform that data into a dataset that is compatible with Local Insight.

If your organisational data is sensitive, you can choose to not display it on your public access site. For more information on selecting which datasets are visible on your public access site check out this article: