Create a custom area by uploading a list of postcodes

Please note: Any postcodes you upload must be included in your original service data upload.

Navigate to the custom areas page by clicking Group Admin > Manage Custom Areas

  1.  Click Add Custom Area  
  2. Name your custom area and provide a description. (The description is not required but it is a useful way to explain to others within your organisation how and why the area was created).
  3. Select Upload a list of your service postcodes via CSV, or paste them in directly for the area type
  4. To upload your service postcodes you can either copy and paste then in or you can upload a CSV file.
  5. Once uploaded click save and you will return to the main Manage Custom Areas page. 

The resulting custom area is created using the Output Areas (OAs) in which your list of postcodes reside.

When your custom area has been created you will be able to

    1. Explore data for the area on the dashboard
    2. Create a report for the area
    3. Take a look at the area on the map


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