What are services and service types?

You can create and edit your service information by clicking on the menu item Admin > Manage services

Services: You can upload the location of your key services by postcodes. These are geocoded to the centre of the postcode and you can view the location of the services on the map.

Service types: Service types are a way of categorising your services on Local Insight. Each service can be assigned a service type of your choice. For example, previous users have defined services into types such as school, pharmacy, library, GP and so on. 

  • Each service type is displayed on the map using a different colour and shaped icon, which you can choose.
  • You can toggle each type to show, or hide, on the Local Insight map.


View your Services on the maps page 


For guidance on how to create and edit service types check out the following articles:

Uploading your services: copy and paste a list of postcodes

Uploading your services: uploading a CSV

Editing Your Service Types



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