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Public Facing site: An introduction

When organisations subscribe to Local Insight, there is an option to have a public facing site as well as a logged in site. This is an additional subscription.

So what is a public facing site? 

It is a site that every member of the public can access. It is a clone of what you see in the logged in version of Local Insight and it allows site visitors to see the following pages without logging in: 

  • Maps pages (including datasets which can be chosen by group admins)
  • Custom areas
  • Dashboards 
  • Reports

Here is an example of a public facing Local Insight site: https://explore-local.communityinsight.org

Organisations can also brand the public facing site with their own colours, logos and add additional pages.  If your organisation would like to explore the possibility of adding a public site to your subscription please email support@ocsi.co.uk

Features on a public Local Insight site and the logged in site 

There are certain features that are not available on the public site. 

Such as:

Build a custom dashboard 

Logged in site users have two options to choose from when creating a dashboard (see image below). 

2022-05-03_19-33-23.pngFigure 1: Logged in Site Dashboard

Public site users can only set up a thematic dashboard (see image below). 2022-05-03_19-34-47.pngFigure 2: Public Facing Site Dashboard

The All Data Download 

The All Data Download allows you to download all data in Local Insight for: 

  • Every lower layer super output area (LSOA) 
  • Every middle layer super output area (MSOA) 

Logged in site users have access to this feature via the Reports tab. 2022-05-13_12-16-01.pngFigure 3: Downloading the data for all the LSOAs and MSOAs Public site users do not have access to this page.

Differences between the two sites, are also outlined below:


How to control what is shown on your public site:

Group Admin users are able to show or hide certain elements of the site to the public :


Control which data sets are shown:

You can select which data sets are shown on the public site, both custom and standard.

This can be done in Manage Indicators which can be found under the Group Admin tab.

Organisations with public sites will see 3 columns with checkboxes (maps, dashboard, public site) when customising themes.

Select which indicators you would like to appear on the Public Facing Site by selecting or deselecting the checkboxes (See figure 5).

2022-05-13_13-57-11.pngFigure 5: Selecting and deselecting which indicators will show on the Public Facing Site  

Please note:

In order to access this feature you must be a Group Admin on the logged in site.