Navigating the map

Navigating the map is easy

  • We use a standard Google map and you can navigate around it as you normally would
  • If unfamiliar with Google Maps, navigate around the map by dragging the map page with your mouse, swipe across the map if you are using a touchscreen device
  • You can zoom in and out of the map by scrolling up and down with the scroll pad on your mouse, double clicking/tapping on any area you wish to zoom into, or using the navigation pad 
  • Drag the person icon across to any area on the map to jump to street view
  • You can select from a range of map settings to suit your needs: either Map (with or without terrain) or Satellite (with or without name place labels)

When you have overlaid data onto the maps zoom in and out to see the data change from District level, to MSOA level, to LSOA level.

To find out at which level you are viewing data click on the Info button in the top right hand corner of your screen. For more information about the Info button check out this article: 


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