Viewing data for your custom areas

Once you have set up your custom areas (remember, you can create an unlimited number of areas!), you can start looking at the data for those areas.

Please note: It can take up to 20 minutes to aggregate data for a custom area creation, so it may take some time before you can see data in the reports or 'data for my areas'.


More options

  • Within the More options drop down click on the View more info for the following information for your custom area: Services you have within your area, the area description, how your area was created, creation date, creator and constituent regions 
  • The constituent regions refers to the Output Area codes which make up your custom area.

Download Services 

  • This will download a CSV file containing a list of your services which are contained within your custom area 

View your custom areas on the map and overlay data indicators

  • Admin> Manage Custom Areas> More Options> View on Map- you will then be directed to your custom area on the map where you can select a dataset, using the Data button, that you would like to overlay onto the map also




  • Request a detailed report for your custom areas and select the comparator areas you would like that report to compare with. For more information on how to generate reports for your custom areas and the comparators available, check out the following articles: 
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