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What is the optimum number of Group Admins and Power Users to have?

As your Local Insight subscription covers an unlimited number of people, it can be challenging to know how best to manage the users.

The optimum number of Group Admins and Power Users will inevitably be different for each organisation, depending on how you are using the tool.

Here is a suggested model that has worked for other organisations.

Group Admins: 

  • A number of organisations limit Group Admin access to two or three users. These individuals tend to be the main users of Local Insight and therefore tend to have the best knowledge of what would be most useful to upload and change on the tool.
  • As some of the features on Local Insight make changes on an organisational basis rather than an individual basis, it is good to have a couple of in-the-know people looking over this. 

Power Users:

Most organisations tend to have more Power Users than Group Admins. As Power Users have the ability to set up areas, this level of accessibility is useful for people who regularly need quick and easy access to data for a number of areas.

View Reports:

  • For simplicity, many organisations keep the majority of their users as View Reports. If needed, these users can request that their access levels are changed, or ask a Group Admin / Power User to set up a specific area or generate a specific report for them.

Project Lead:

Many organisations assign somebody the role of project lead for Local Insight. This has proved very effective in:

  • Getting buy-in from the rest of the team
  • Communicating new features and data to the rest of the team
  • Providing internal training
  • Communicating back to OCSI priorities for development
  • Ensuring Local Insight is used in a consistent way across the organisation

If you would like more advice on this, please get in touch by emailing support@ocsi.co.uk