Local Insight Help Centre


Updating your Reports

User Permissions note:

  • Only Group Admin and Power Users can update reports for custom areas
  • Reports do not automatically update when new data is added or updated in Local Insight. To see the latest data in a report for your custom area you must request an updated report.

Updating all Reports: 

  • Group Admin users can update all reports in one click, read more about how to update all reports.

Updating individual reports: 

  • When you generate an updated report for an area, previous reports for that area will still be available to download. 
  • To get an updated report:
  1. Navigate to the Manage Custom Areas page
  2. Click the Request Updated Report button next to the area 


  • The updated report will appear in your Reports tab alongside all previous reports requested for that area, alongside the date it was requested. 


  • View reports users cannot request updated reports. If you are a View Reports user looking to request an updated report then you can email a Group Admin user from your organisation. If you are unsure who your organisation’s Group Admin users are then email support@ocsi.co.uk and we can inform you.