Define your report comparators

By default the reports compare the data for your custom areas against both the English national average and Social Housing Areas. However, you can customise this by choosing your own comparators.

You may choose 2 different areas to compare you custom areas against. Select from either standard National and Regional areas, County areas, Local Authority areas or even your other custom areas. 

The reports will compare a wide range of datasets for your chosen areas. This can be used to help you understand and compare the performance of your wards or to benchmark specific areas against the Local Authority average.  

To do this click Group Admin> Manage Profile> start typing to find the area you are looking for.

Please note: Changing your comparators will only affect future reports you generate and not previously generated reports. 

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    Tiffany Ko

    Sorry, can you remind me how to only select one comparator area? I would like to create a report that makes comparisons with only one other area, but I'm not sure how to clear out the second comparator area on the Manage Profile page.


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    Flo Pollock

    Currently, there is no option to have only one report comparator. You must select two; one main comparator area which is used throughout the reports and a second comparator area which is only shown in some of the charts. 

    Your main comparator area will be the one you select in the Select Comparator 2 box. So in the example below, London will be your main comparator area.

    As a workaround, you could set both your report comparators to be the same area. That way in the line charts you will only see two lines.

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