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Define your report comparators

User Permissions note:

  • Only Group Admin users can set the report comparators.
  • Local Insight reports include a wide range of datasets for your custom area. You can also select two comparators areas, which will be used in the Local Insight reports in charts and graphs. These comparators provide a way to benchmark how your area fares against national, regional and local areas. 

Set your organisation’s report comparators:

  • Report comparators are set on an organisation wide basis on the Manage Profile tab. 
  1. Click Group Admin > Manage Profile 
  2. Select the comparator areas you would like by clicking the select comparator 1 and comparator 2 green boxes.

Useful Information:

  • You can select two comparator areas. The second box (comparator 2) is the main comparator and will be used throughout the report. The first box (comparator 1) is a secondary comparator, which will feature in some of the graphs.

Available comparators: 

  • Select from either standard National and Regional areas, Counties, Local Authorities or your other custom areas. 


  • Changing the comparators will affect the whole organisation, any reports that  are then requested will contain these comparator areas. Previously generated reports will remain unchanged. 

Common Questions: 

What does social housing areas mean?

  • The comparator "Social Housing Areas" is defined by all Output Areas containing at least 20 properties owned by any Local Authority or Housing Association (this information is based on Census data)