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Introduction to Reports in Local Insight

  • You can create a report for any custom area within Local Insight. The reports are published in MS Word format through the Local Insight Reports tab. They are available to download by all users and can be shared publicly. 


  • The reports contain data for all the core indicators in Local Insight calculated for your custom area. 


  • All the reports are published in  MS Word format so that you can easily copy information from the report and use it elsewhere.
  • You can save the report as a PDF Document or other file type of your choice.

Useful Information: 

  • All the datasets in the Local Insight reports are open data and you can share the reports publicly.

Headline data and contents page:

  • Page 2 of the report shows some headline data and has the contents page to help you find your way around the report.

Time series data in charts and graphs:

  • Throughout the reports, data is displayed in charts and graphs. Many charts show how data has changed over time. For example, page 4 of the reports has a line graph showing how population has changed over time. 

Comparator areas:

  • Alongside showing data for your custom area, the reports also have data for two comparator areas. Group Admin users can select the comparator areas used in the reports. 

Creating reports on Local Insight: